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Песенка о Евро-2012

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Самые интересные моменты Евро-2012 в прекрасной песне.

Пользователь  jdsfootballsongs выложил на youTube песню собственного сочинения, посвященную самым ярким моментам Евро-2012. Получилось динамично и с юмором.

Another summer of football at an end
Another summer where Spain win again
They with no striker but had no problems scoring
Some had the nerve to label Spain a bit boring

Balotelli always had a smile on his face (apart from in the final)
Ronaldo's hair was rarely out of place (grease ball prat)
His head had more grease than a piece of donna meat
The Greece team collapsed quicker than their economy

Some fans wore red and some fans wore blue
When Ronaldo scored he fondled a pair of invisible boobs
Karagounis was angry he's the same height as a small boy
Joachim Low spent his time bullying ballboys

Ireland were so shit their fans couldn't bare to see
Thousands protested at Martin Keown's commentary
The Poles started strong in their opening games
And no-one could pronounce any of their names

But then for Poland it all fell apart
And Ukraine, well they also had a good start
But Shevchenko and kids with terrible hair
Couldn't take them through, England progressed instead 

When it wasn't raining like the apocalypse
When players weren't punching the turf cos their team were shit
For picking on kids, Low's Germany were sent home
Balotelli played a game of musical chairs on his own

In the final Spain gave Italy a lesson
Thanks to their interplay and their heavy pressing
They scored the most goals ever scored in a final
They didn't even need to start with any strikers

Silva tried to eat his own arm thats a bit strange
Surely you're not allowed to balance balls on your head during games
Even Andy Carroll scored, Sweden were ashamed
That guy for Poland scored a belter, can't remember his name

Here the trophy with a Spain shirt falling
Here's Jordi Alba happy after scoring
Here's a Spain fan dressed as a Matador
And now a replay of Alba running through to score

And so we have to celebrate Spain's glory
Another chapter in a legendary story
Even though their counter' finances are in dire straights
Watching this team play the game seriously priceless

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